More plants — more friends!

Find out about places where delicious plant-based food is served!

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    Who are we?

    The world is changing, and so are our eating habits. Latvia is no exception - more and more people choose to reduce the consumption of animal products.

    “Augi & Draugi” (Plants & Friends) help restaurants to introduce more variety in menu with new plant-based options, and at the same time serve as a guide for everyone who loves a wholesome, delicious meal.

    Why are we?

    The reasons why people choose to eat more plants-based food are different. Many are motivated by health benefits - proteins of plant origin do not contain cholesterol, and a balanced plant-based diet lowers the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Some wish to reduce their impact on the environment and climate change. Others - to help the animals in factory farming.

    Plant-based food is chosen also by people with food allergies and lactose intolerance. The reasons are various but regardless “Augi & Draugi” help to provide a choice for everyone!